1) Fuller Brands - www.fuller.com
A premier manufacturer and distributor of products for commercial cleaning, household cleaning, and personal care. Fuller Brands' three business units, including The Fuller Brush Company, distribute a range of goods including home care products for kitchen, laundry, and bath, and also personal care products such as brushes, and hair and skin products (Great Bend, KS - 295 employees)

2) CPAC Imaging - www.cpacimaging.com
A leader in chemicals, silver recovery equipment, and supplies used in photo development processing. Products are manufactured on four continents and sold in over 100 countries to photographic, medical, dental, and graphic arts professionals and consumers (Duluth, GA - 183 employees)

3) VanDeMark Chemical Inc - www.vandemarkinc.com
A supplier of specialty and custom chemicals focusing on phosgene production and phosgene-related chemistry.  These products are used in pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, polymers, sealants, coatings and biocides (Lockport, NY - 96 employees)

4) Aspect Automation - www.aspectautomation.com
A premium supplier of development, design, build and support services involving custom automated manufacturing equipment for a diverse growing base of blue chip customers in the medical, industrial filtration, energy storage and consumer products end markets. (St. Paul, MN - 104 employees)

5) SRC Worldwide - www.src-worldwide.com
A leading producer of fused magnesium flux, a critical chemical component in the production and recycling of magnesium and aluminum alloys. Magnesium flux is also used in a variety of industrial and other applications, including desiccants and the manufacture of specialized catalysts. (Cleveland, OH & Albany, OR - 15 employees)

6) Fairfield Mint LLC - www.fairfieldmint.com
The third largest marketer of die-cast automotive replicas in the U.S. including a full line of automobiles, motorcycles, airplanes and boats that appeals to an audience of nostalgic collectors (Norwalk, CT)