Invest in Lower Middle Market Companies
Buckingham concentrates its investment efforts on attractive lower middle market industrial and manufacturing companies headquartered in the United States. Buckingham focuses on buyouts of companies which have revenues between $5 million and $100 million and EBITDA greater than $2 million.

Target Companies with Solid Fundamentals
Buckingham seeks to achieve superior returns through a disciplined strategy of investing in companies with solid fundamentals with a demonstrated ability to generate stable cash flow over the long term. Buckingham invests in companies that have a long business history and good growth prospects and are leaders or strong competitors in their respective niche markets. These companies have sustainable market strength and competitive advantages due to factors such as proprietary products and services, market leadership, strategic positioning, readily identifiable barriers to entry, and operational efficiencies.

Utilize Operating Expertise
One of Buckingham's differentiating characteristics is the utilization of its network of Executives in evaluating investments and building long-term shareholder value in the Fund's portfolio companies. The Executives bring to the Fund their industry and operations knowledge and experience managing growth and capitalizing on new business opportunities. The Executives also add value by enhancing the investment decision process, facilitating post-acquisition operating strategies, and participating in the exit strategy process.

Create Appropriate Management Incentives
The Partners believe it is critical to align management's incentives with those of investors, through both management investing its own capital, where possible, and performance-based compensation programs. This not only aligns the incentives of the management team with shareholders, but also allows management to share in the value they create.

Be a Good Partner
We seek to build strong relationships with all of the managers, entrepreneurs and intermediaries that we come in contact with. We try to be a valuable partner and resource to current and prospective management of portfolio companies throughout the course of our relationship.

Become Actively Involved in Portfolio Companies
While Buckingham recognizes that management must control the day-to-day operations of the business, the Partners will take advantage of their substantial experience to actively participate in the following areas: strategic planning, major financings/acquisitions, capital allocations, and the hiring and compensation of senior management.

Structure Strategically Valuable Boards
We seek to build boards that can provide management with the strategic guidance integral to the successful growth of the company. Buckingham prefers to structure a board that can offer significant industry insight and a wealth of operating and investment experience.

Realizing the Value Created
The timing and form of exit are important considerations, even from the inception of a portfolio investment. The Partners' strong relationships with investment banks throughout the U.S. provide access to current information on valuations and on strategies for positioning a sale or initial public offering. Prior exits of portfolio investments have been through sales to both financial and strategic investors, and through initial public offerings.